About Us

Healthylivingindia is an online guide to living healthy for people who works full days, but still wants to be fit for life.

According to Indian health websites and blogs, healthy living either means living in fear and austerity, or aping celebrities and buying health products endorsed by them. It means following recipes that don’t use local ingredients. It means supplements and crash diets. Even exercising is just about the gym or buying over-priced equipment. We disagree.

What people want is genuine information about how to balance their lifestyles: How to eat and drink what they enjoy, without being unhealthy. How to see results from workouts, instead of dreading each exercise session and never achieving weight loss or higher fitness levels. How to pick the right products, whether for food or exercise, without being mislead by marketing scams. In other words, people don’t want platitudes and “soft” content, they want to be enabled – to get healthy on their own terms.

Healthy Living India is an online guide to how you can get fit. It doesn’t offer blind advice, but it will tell you what works – from healthy recipes to workout routines and everything in between. It covers food, exercise, drink, even interesting research that will keep you motivated and on track. Healthy Living India is about practical fitness tips, how to’s instructions, videos, interviews, reviews, meal-plans and even some fun to break the monotony every now and then.

Read about how healthy food made with local Indian produce and ingredients CAN be delicious; how you CAN start enjoying your workouts today; how you can SEE results on the weighing scale and in your energy levels; how you can celebrate life without giving up on what makes living fun – food, drink, even desserts.

Healthylivingindia believes that if you improve your lifestyle in a permanent and long-term fashion, you won’t need to give up anything that you love. No, not even a great, big, juicy burger. If you work out regularly, eat and drink in moderation, and understand healthy cooking methods, you can (literally) have your burger and eat it too.